Dog-Friendly Places in Glastonbury

If you’re a dog lover and you can’t travel without your precious little one, then don’t worry about touring around Glastonbury. Aside from working your dog in the park and spending quality time with it in your dog-friendly hotel, you can also take it on a famous attraction site.

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Before we move on to the top place to visit with your dog when in Glastonbury, let me remind you that it’s pertinent to trim your dog’s nails before you travel with it. Use a Dremel with 3/4 power or a nail clipper to do the job. Cutting its nails using a Dremel rotary tool is entirely safe, in case you’re wondering. Just use a variable-speed tool that comes with a grinding bit which is much smaller than the inside curve of your precious dog’s nail. It’s crucial for you to groom your pet before traveling. It’ll enjoy the traveling more, and you won’t have to deal with scratches in case it gets unexpectedly wild.

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Top Tourist Spot: Glastonbury Abbey


Located in Glastonbury, Somerset, England, this place used to be a monastery. The abbey is now listed as an ancient monument and is open as a tourist spot.

It was founded in the 7th century, was widened in the 10th, and was considered one of the most powerful and wealthiest monasteries in the world in the 14th.

The attraction features tracts of land surrounding it. Apart from the stunning view it provides, it’s mainly known for its connection with King Arthur. Many believed that it was the resting place of the legend. This was promoted by the medieval monks who claimed that Glastonbury was indeed Avalon.

The site is open 364 days of the year and a lot of tourists come by with their dogs to marvel at its beautiful ruins. Glastonbury Abbey is 36 acres of magnificent parkland where dogs are welcome.

Address: Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9EL

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Glastonbury

Traveling with your dog in Glastonbury isn’t a problem, especially since there are dog-friendly hotels where you can stay too. You can stay at the following top-reviewed dog-friendly hotels in Glastonbury if you’re not a local:

Wessex Hotel

Wessex Hotel

  1. The Red Lion West Pennard
  2. Middlewick Holiday Cottages
  3. Travelodge Glastonbury
  4. Mullions Hotel
  5. Pear Tree Farm
  6. Burcott Mill Guesthouse
  7. Wessex Hotel
  8. The Lynch Country House
  9. Orchard Farm Campsite
  10. Withy Cottages
  11. The White Hart Hotel
  12. West Knole House

There you have it! Enjoy Glastonbury with your well-groomed dog!