Only in Glastonbury: Myths and Legends

holy grail

Holy Grail

Holy Grail is a controversial Western European literature and art. It all began when Joseph of Arimathea brought the grail to Britain. For those who are not familiar with Joseph, He is a close follower of Jesus Christ. After the crucifixion, Joseph hurried to buy some linens to give Jesus Christ a proper burial. He became relevant to the story because history says that during late 12th century, he came across the path of a group name called Arthurian Cycle, he introduced himself as the first keeper of the Holy Grail. There’s interesting stories about Joseph arriving in Glastonbury. He was very tired and stuck his staff on the ground. Miraculously, the ground produced flowers into the Glastonbury thorn. There are stories that Joseph of Arimathea became a Christian and lately became a bishop in the Isles.

King Arthur

We heard of King Arthur probably hundreds of times already. People is proud to be part of the legend that is known to the world.

King Arthur is the MAN! He killed dragons and fought many battles. He was also known for having romantic relationships which were quite complicated. Many revisions of the story have been created to bring the legend back to life. When you hear the name King Arthur, Merlin is another person that comes first into our minds. He is the trust worthy advisor of the king. He was a cool advisor for he possesses magic powers yet a person with a humble heart. His love for King Arthur surpasses his love for himself. We hope that we could meet a person like Merlin, they are great treasures more than anything else.

What really started the story is when King Arthur pulled Excalibur sword out of a cursed stone. Many have tried to pull the sword but none of them are worthy, only King Arthur was deserving, so he completed an impossible mission that made him a true legend. He was good king until he fell in love with Guinevere, he made her a queen only to find out that she is secretly in love with someone else. The man’s name who broke King Arthur’s heart is Lancelot, one of his mighty knights. Once the affair is discovered, Guinevere and Lancelot went away to escape. However, the King’s love for his queen caused him to bore pain, so he pursued them into France, leaving his throne to Mordred. While he was away, Mordred claimed the throne. The King came back with another battle where he was deeply wounded. He threw the Excalibur into the lake and leaves England as he has no chance of winning anymore. He went to magic Isle of Avalon to cure himself with heavy heart. He made a promise that one day he’ll be back and claim the throne He once had.