Guide to Glasto


Mouth-watering food to tickle you taste buds. Here are the list of places where you can find them.

Glastonbury has great restaurants to fill your hungry stomach. The food are amazing ranging from steaks, salad to pasta and chef dishes, Glastonbury shall never disappoint you. Restaurant picture


Hundred Monkeys understands that if the same dishes are served over and over again, it will be boring. So, they change their menu every season and serve quality dishes to make you satisfied and healthy.

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Rainbow’s End –

It is a 25-year old restaurant offering quality vegetarian dishes for the locals and for the tourist. Aside from the delicious vegetarian dishes, they offer scrumptious cakes and desserts. The feel of the restaurant is so welcoming and very homey. Their dishes are also very tasty despite the fact that they are all vegetables. Try it for your self.

Goodfellows –

They pamper you with fine dining dishes plus wine included. The fine dining experience satisfies you with French cooking that has strong flavours that will surely pump up your appetite. Meet the owners of this classic fine dining restaurant, Charlton House Michelin-starred chef Adam Fellows and his wife Martine, their passion for cooking translates to their dishes. It is worth visiting. If you want to get some sort of discount, make sure to visit their website for special offers.


Abbey Tea Rooms –

Abbey Tea Rooms Front Restaurant

Locals love to spend their mornings here. All of their food are made to order ranging from bacon burgers to fish & chips. Just remember that their serving is quite heavy. Don’t be shocked if the served you with full, overflowing plate, that is just how the way the do it.

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If those three featured restaurants are not anywhere near you because Bristol is such a big city, you can visit The Metropolis to get access to different restaurants in Bristol.