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 A beautiful town with good stories to tell

Glastonbury is a town in England known as the Mother of the all festivals, check out our The Festival Page. It is famous for its beautiful scenery. People go here not only because of the Glastonbury festival but because it is worth visiting. There are myths and legends associated with Glastonbury like the story of Holy Grail and King Arthur. I will create post about these stories. It’s good to look back and hear those stories again.

Festival is not the only main attraction that they have. There are still other things to do in Glastonbury. TripAdvisor gives you a good list of where to go, what to do to maximize your discovery of Glastonbury. Let us know, if you found new places that are underrated so we can feature them here.

A place that makes you think

The air is different here, not in bad way. But something in the air that wants you to go back to the past when everything else was still simple. It feels like it’s crying for help. I don’t know, but that’s how I feel whenever I visit here. There is a nostalgic feeling you can’t explain. No wonder why people come here every year to join the biggest festival. This place creates a need to make you want to tap into that inner core you don’t know where. I was browsing some old pictures and found these collection of pictures in My nostalgia was made even more stronger after seeing them.

Home for unique people

This is Glastonbury, it is the home of the New Age Community. It has the reputation of being an odd town in England. I personally believe  that “odd” doesn’t equate to ugliness but rather uniqueness. That’s what I love about this town, you can be as unique as you can be. You can read this awesome website to justify that their oddness is their strength. Visit 

If you are unique like the people of Glastonbury, we’ll love to hear more from you! Make sure to visit our contact page. See you there!