Our First Letter

We are so thrilled to show you the first letter we received from Ruth. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. If you can come to Glastonbury anytime, we’ll be happy to invite you for a cup of coffee. – glastoweatherwatch.co.uk

Hi Guys,

I saw your invitation to share our story about Glastonbury festival. I hope that this letter finds you well.

As I grow up, I noticed that there is no enough time to the things we want to do. Since I was a child, I was looking for a constant change to enliven my passion for learning and discoveries. There are so many places I want to go, sights to see, and people to meet. But then, I had to study and fulfill the dreams that other people set for me, there’s nothing wrong with it really, because they are the sweetest people who made me who I am today. If I have to live my life again, I won’t change a thing. For I am happy with every details of my life, simple details that gives meaning and color to my adventure book.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.- Helen Keller

My parents are very supportive when it comes to my passion, they always tell that they see their old self in me. I am a growing woman (I know) who refuses to grow old. There is always a place in my heart to be a kid, a state of mind I would forever keep, for it makes me younger and the people in my life happy. I love to travel to different countries, experience their culture and participate in many festivals.

One of my favorite festival is the Glastonbury Festival. The whole happenings are so fast because you enjoy it so much. There were times when I was in this festival that I just want to stay there forever. I just want the things to stay like that. My favorite time of the day is in the afternoon, you’ll see how the sky changes its color to dark bloody orange and it paints the sky with different shades. I can still picture those 5 days afternoon in Glastonbury.

As you look around, you’ll see people’s faces as if they escaped from another world that’s causing them stress. I actually feel the same. There is magic in staying here, you forget somethings that are no longer good for you. What can you ask for? You have a good crowd to hang out with, just chill and groove to the music. You will not get bored because it’s a party everywhere (just little bit relaxed). Another thing I love about Glastonbury festival is it serves as an eye opener to all the participants. They are not limited with a single believe, they are indeed radical people.

If my schedule permits, hopefully I get to participate again next year. If I can come next year, hopefully I get to meet you personally.