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Tents Glastobury Festival

What’s in it for you? Get a closer look on Glastonbury Festival.

This festival is considered to be the biggest festival in the world. It is a five-day festival celebration where someone can participate no matter what race you belong. It is being held every year. The festival is full packed with contemporary music, performances from prominent artists, comedy shows, and even art shows. To know more about their line up, visit

Festival that cares. Ask you to be aware and act now.

One of the goals of Glastonbury festival is not only to get more people to join but also to gather all the community around the world and join the worthy cause. Worthy cause works on encouraging charities together to work towards a common goal. Glastonbury continues to show that festival is not all about having fun and contemplation, it is also about group of different people gathering in one place to understand the issues that the world is facing today. They encourage people to support charities and organization who are taking actions in bringing the change to every community possible.Support a charity:

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Greenpeace is an organization that is concerned about preserving our planet. They educate people how our actions are affecting our environment. They are up-to-date with the global issues that we have to day. They serves as the eyes environmental organizations, watchful of the things that may affect our planet as we advance into the new age. They coordinate with the biggest companies and talk to them on how they can proceed doing business without damaging the environment. You can be part of their advocacy by participating online, raising funds for them, and by volunteering. Like many organizations, they get the funds by hosting events and by joining festival such as Glastonbury who will support their goal.

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WaterAid’s goal is to bring water to secluded areas where there are no proper sanitation, hygiene, and water system. They encourage  people to donate so they can bring water to a marginal group of of people who needed our help. With their open data approach, you can be sure where your money goes. The publish all their organization’s activity on the website.

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Their organization’s goal is to kick-out the poverty in the picture. Extreme poverty is what they focused on.  They strive to gets support from the government and people to be able to provide health care to the poorest people. They encourage people to be prepared in times of emergencies, they give value to being prepared not only for your self but also for other people who have limited resources.